Share your best, worst or funniest experiences while merchandising. Everyone has a unique story!
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By Indus
A few years back I was doing a reset of the prepaid/gift cards at CVS... I noticed another rep who was in the store working on the battery displays. However, she was wearing a motorcycle helmet while performing the work as if it was completely normal. The store manager approached her and he asked why she was wearing a helmet... In the most serious straight face imaginable she turned and said "It blocks the Alien signals to my brain..." She was quickly escorted out of the store and laughter ensued including customers that witnessed it. Personally I believe the Aliens already got to her! :shock:
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By TruSpec
Makes me wonder was she really a rep or someone who walked in off the street?
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By Indus
Definately a rep, she had a clip-board and a printed survey form she was filling out. She had a name badge but didn't catch the company name. Freaky stuff.
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