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By TruSpec
This company lied about the amount of displays they wanted assembled and lied about the estimated time. When I arrived at the store I found out the displays were double the number yet the time estimate remained the same. Job time should be 3 times the amount of what they said and now they are claiming it is flat rate. Called support when my 6 hours were up and support lied over phone and said pay was not flat rate and I would be compensated for the extra hours, just "email support the hours worked". Their "Director of Client Services" tried lying and said all support calls for this job are routed to her cell phone. WRONG. Company keeps changing job description and adding/removing details after the project already began. No doubt to cover themselves. It never said flat rate in the beginning but now it does. They should owe me $268 but are refusing to pay even the $150 for the "6 hour" time estimate because I won't make the one hour drive back to complete the job. I was literally at the store from open to close and there was still two pallets of stock left and price stickers needing put on display shelves. If I had known this "6 hour" job was going to take two days and pay flat rate I would have never signed up. Very deceitful practices. I should have known better because I could not find any reviews about them on the internet, which is odd. Stay away from this shady company.
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By TruSpec
Received a check in mail for $150, which I was willing to settle on after they told me I would not receive any pay. This was not the $25/hr rate that phone support told me I would receive. I would still advise to proceed with caution with this company, as support told me something totally different than management. Also be cautious of the estimated time and pieces to assemble. This job was way off, I would say the actual work time was 3X what they said it would be and if it is flat rate, well you get the picture.

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