| Dallas, TX
Business Model: Merchandising
CEO: Randy Wilson
Labor Model: Employee/W2
Jobs: Driveline Opportunities
That whole payroll debacle had me freaking out. First I thought someone hacked their payroll company and was trying to hack my bank account. I didn't have enough in the bank for them to withdraw and I got hit with an overdraft fee. Fortunately I called the bank and they reversed the fee.

As for the hours, after having almost nothing for June and July, August has been the busiest month this year by far. My check this week should be my largest since I started with them, but September is definitely slowing back down. It's been mostly Party Goods and Checkout Reset team jobs, and I had medicine and cough and cold resets that I was allowed to do by myself for maximum hours. I will only be working another couple of weeks then going on leave for medical reasons.
I fired driveline immediately. they try to blame ADP, but i am not buying it. Truthfully, it was the final straw for me after moving checkout resets to accomodate others, only to have them not show. i will be way too busy during the 4th quarter to drive to a dollar general for prepaid cards.
Oh I know what you mean about the checkout resets. I was put on a team checkout reset, 23 miles away. Was told to be there at 8:30 am. I get there and after waiting 15 minutes, the other two people (a couple) text me to tell me it's been rescheduled for the following day! Wow, thanks for informing me!
The Prepaid is funny because it's the project Driveline worries the most about but it's the most annoying and least important to everyone else. How many times are they going to pull another card or add another. It's like every single visit the planogram has changed again. Then you are chastised because you left a Sling card hanging there that was supposed to be pulled last visit.

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