| Dallas, TX
Business Model: Merchandising
CEO: Randy Wilson
Labor Model: Employee/W2
Jobs: Driveline Opportunities
Besides the typical busy April and May, the rest of my months have been significantly slower than last year. For example I only had like 12 hours the past two weeks, will have 6 hours next week, ZERO the week after and 5 the week after that. That is for two stores. I talk to the DG employees and no one else from Driveline is coming in and doing the work so I do not know what is going on?
Now that I think about it, I have seen some boxes of fixtures or product that have Footprint on them. Between two stores I had 9 hours this week, will have 1 hour next week (at a non DG store), and 7 hours 2 weeks from now. Definitely slower for me than last year. I'm not having a very productive summer, so many companies I work for and can't even muster up 30 hours in a week. There's just no work around here.

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