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By AldapaG
Has anyone worked/working for this company? I have been registered with them for well over a year. Every time I request a job assignment no one ever calls. I've tried checking their website, but there isn't any contact info. This is very frustrating. I'm considering just removing my resume and contact info from their webpage.
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By TruSpec
All I can say is hang in there. I had been signed up and heard nothing for several months then they called me, wanting immediate help for the following morning to help a guy build a display shed for the Lowes in my town. They even threw in an extra $2/hr for the short notice. I completed the job and since then have had one store reset and another project assembling displays at Circle K stores. The pay has been good, just not enough local work where I reside. Right now there is only one job for the next month and it's 100 miles away from me.

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