Are you are being properly compensated for your in-store, administrative and drive-time? What about mileage rates and supplies. What are the best practices to deal with disputes?

Why is it that most companies i deal with pay a lower wage or minimum wage for travel time, training or conference calls? Even the higher paying companies are pulling this.

This does not seem to happen with the companies where i am working as a contractor,

But at this point - it is not worth my time to fill out drive time logs, go on conference calls or listen to any online training with these companies. I have not caught any flack for refusing to participate, but it would be nice if they spelled it out so i didnt feel screwed the first time i did.

My feeling is that we agreed to an hourly wage, so stick with it.

In my situation, i turn down more work than i do - and have been working 75+ hours a week since February - probably not a good time to piss people off when there is a ton of work out there,
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