jacentretail.com | Huntingdon Valley, PA
Business Model: Merchandising
CEO: Micheal Dion
Labor Type: Employee/W2
Being a Jacent Merchandiser: Jacent Merchandiser Into
Jobs: Jacent Opportunities
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By Daisyduke
I worked with them for 2 years, they gave us a choice go full time at your regular pay (GREAAAAAAT) or lose your job, I chose full time of coarse. I already 7 stores. They told us they'd let us know what would happen when we go full time they were working out details. Within a week the was an ad posted with all my stores hiring at $15.50 I'm at $12.00!! So I asked toi receive that pay and got ignored 3 times so I figured I was out of a job until I finally realized to a manager and he said he'd talk to his manager jacolyn. No one seemed aware of the ad (lies) I already knew they had someone hired but the lied pretending they didn't but the person they hired confirmed she had been given my job a month ago. So I explained I will stay and help until they get her trained at a higher pay rate, jackolyn emailed saying no I agreed to stay at that pay already and now I can only have 1 store (due to the fact no one wanted to drive to this store for a short 2 hour visit twice a month) this happened to 2 of us under the same manager. Wer both had been with the company at least 2 years yet they slapped us in the face hitting new people with a $3.50 an hour increase and benefits.
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By TruSpec
I believe you. I have never worked for them but I am continuously building a list of merchandising companies and I combine their ratings from Indeed and Glassdoor. So far I have 36 companies listed and Jacent is the lowest of all with a rating of 2.4! The average rating of all companies is 3.3.
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By AldapaG
I was told in 2017 I got the job with them. I was told to call the area manager and if she didn't return my call to call again. Well, I never heard from the company again. So as far as I'm concerned this company is no good. No communication, no return phone calls, etc!
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