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Anyone worked for them? I have been working a local Lowes gig doing book resets with them for several months. You are an IC and pay is only $11 an hour. They do NOT pay mileage and do NOT pay for printing costs but they expect everything to be printed. (I have to print instructions for the time being because my stupid cell phone company has messed up my data and I do not have any and I can not depend on wifi at every store.) Recently, the DM sent out some jobs for a store about 40 miles from me. The hours were not worth the gas cost. I ignored it. Then she placed it in my jobs in Natural Insight. I still ignored it. Finally, she sent me a text and asked if I was going to do these jobs. I felt pressured, and I accepted the jobs but they only amount to $40 for a drive that will cost me $12 in gas. I drive a truck and gas mileage is very important to me. I sent her an email tonight and asked for a $12 bonus and explained the situation. If she does not agree I think I am done with this company. It seems like the only time I hear from her is when she wants something done but otherwise I am a ghost. I have plenty of other companies I work for so this is not going to hurt me. Maybe $22-$33/a month.
I had the same problem with SRS. I serviced glasses in a drug store. Pay was $11 and I was an IC, so I claimed my miles. I had to print a cover page to send orders, order form for each store which consisted of 2 pages for readers, sunglass order, order exception sheet (If no order was sent they wanted to know why!), overcast glasses and the form for each store. After a while they told us we had to take pictures of all displays. I quit when I was told I had to take 8 photos AND label each photo on a dry erase board! What a waste of time and money. Bye bye SRS!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have been working for SRS for a few years. I also do my local Lowes books and glasses at the local office supply store. I did the Food Lions up until last month. They lost the contract. I think the company will not be around much longer. They are down to like 2 managers. Also have them put stores miles away from me. I just decline them. If they show again I decline them again. They started a year ago demanding that we all become employees. Not me - I said that I would have to quit but nothing ever came of it and I am still a IC and will not take any assignments that pay by the hour. Over all I am satisfied with them.
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