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In my experience (and includes my years of sales experience) I prefer to be a contractor for the freedom. The biggest issue is some companies want the benefits of me being a contractor, yet want to treat you like an employee when it benefits them. I can generally sniff those companies out during the inteview process and run as fast as I can.

I am an employee with 3 companies and a contractor with 3. The employee issue is being told you can't take vacations on certain days or having to update stuff every time you need to move something a day. I may have a bad attitude inside, but if a company pushes me over the edge, I know there is plenty of work out there right now.

As a contractor, there is always a chance of not getting paid, but i have not run into that yet. I didn't get into merchandising to get rich, I only chose this line of work so I can keep my ideal schedule which is 4 12 hour days.
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Agree, contractor is the best model for me as well. Plus when you are not using a system that tracks time in/out you can really make good money if you can work quickly. As an employee that is tracked via timeclock its a disensentive to work more efficenctly.
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I am fully amazed how a huge company can not tell the difference. Example - there is one company i do business with that just broke rule #1 in the contracting /. employee relationship. A contractor is not provided tools to do their job, an employee is. I came home to about 10 boxes on my front door to do a demo (that i think i was scammed into doing) - i will do a review on this company when i have time because they have some serious good points as long as some seriously bad ones. (and this company pays by the hour and tracks that you are there a specific amount of time)
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