Give any suggestions on forum topics to be added or expanded.
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By Spicy1
How about you allow posters to post immediately. If my every post needs to be moderated first, I won't be posting at all!
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By Admin
All new users have a minumun number of messages that have to be moderated before they can directly post - we do this so we make sure we have legitimate people using the site. There are bots and spammers lurking out there so it's just a security precaution for all of us. Keep up the suggestions!
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By 3PLGuy
That is a failry standard policy with other forums I belong to. I hate when people go in and post things that have nothing to do with the forum.
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It is a very important policy, as a mod on another group years ago, 100s of spams would be lighting up the boards when i got up in the morning
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