Give any suggestions on forum topics to be added or expanded.
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By Spicy1

Can you please add a mystery shopping board to this forum?

Besides the Facebook pages, which are not read as easy to follow threads like this forum is, there is only the mysteryshopforum and there really are about 8 people, some of who have various screen names, that are in charge of that site. It's not a true experience of the nature of mystery shopping because they delete the posts and members who do not agree with everything they say. They often create new member names themselves to create threads about being scammed or other redundant topics which is obviously to increase the look of traffic to the site to up their ads.

Many, or most, merchandisers also do mystery shopping so it would be nice to have a forum where merchandising is the main theme but also includes mystery shopping and other types of side work that merchandisers do.

I was in the process of creating such a site when I was hired for an amazing position and do not have the time right now.

Thank you for your consideration!
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By Admin
We totally agree. We first had a breakout for Mystery Shopping companies but ended up combining with crowdsourcing sites as well due to synergies. Please use that section to create topics or provide feedback for companies you have experience with. You can also submit requests for new companies to be added that are not listed.

Mystery Shopper Forum Link:

You can find the NEW job posting forum here:
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By 3PLGuy
Volition was great in the past, but it's pretty much dead. The site also goes down for days at a time now, not sure what is going on there but it's really old. I am glad this site launched when it did, we need a place to share information and it was getting harder to get good intelligence. I also like there are no advertisements! I have been going through a lot of the companies listed in the opportunities and clicking on the job links - I signed up with at least 3 companies in the last week. Very - very helpful. :mrgreen:
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