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By ikitty3
Hello! I was very intrigued when I was invited to join this Website. I was hoping that it would grow really fast. (I've been a Merchandiser for 20+ years.)
However, I am quite curious about how much exposure this website really receives? Are you listed on any other social media sites?
Im really looking forward to this growing, but I haven't seen much growth since I first learned about it near the end of 2018?
Im also curious about what type of additional information or resources will be available on this site going forward?
Thank You so much :-)
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By Admin
Thanks for the feedback. This is a site made and supported by merchandisers, so we don't have an elaborate marketing plan and it's completely funded by a small group of us. I did see some great mentions of our site on Volition, but they were removed by their admin. Please help spread the word on other sites where you share information like Mystery Shopper Forum etc. We will be sending out an email to all registered users to re-engage by early next week, many joined early on when there was very little content. Keep up the great feedback! :heart_eyes:
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