What will the merchandising industry look like in the coming years? How will automation and crowdsourcing impact us?
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By MerchGirl
The answer, In my opinion, isn’t man versus machine – it’s man ​and ​machine. Only through leveraging technology will service providers and salespeople be able to focus on what human workers for now are uniquely capable of doing: deepening relationships and providing stellar customer experience. :roll:
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By Indus
Walmart has introduced robots in select Walmart stores to audit products on the shelf, checking inventory levels, pricing validation and identifying voids. Once this is in place nationwide companies like Field Agent and others will suffer greatly. We should all be worried, you put a couple arms on this thing and it's Game Over.

Read the article and watch the video: https://www.theverge.com/2017/10/27/165 ... ing-robots
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