Are you are being properly compensated for your in-store, administrative and drive-time? What about mileage rates and supplies. What are the best practices to deal with disputes?

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By Anita
Why is it almost all merchandising companies want us to use our own things with no compensation?
I have turned down several jobs because their require me to download apps and use my own data, use my own printer, ink, paper and no drive time or mileage.
The one that I really hate is downloading apps to my phone and using my data.
They just assume everyone has unlimited data, but I only have 2 gigs as I never use more than that and I am not going to pay an extra 30 bucks a month to have unlimited just to get a low paying job.
I feel that if they want us to use their app they should provide the device and data.
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By Funnygirlcomic
I agree..they expect us to have smart phones and tablets..
It's gotten worse over the last 10yrs I noticed. And the pay seems to be between $11 to $15.00 per hr. There tracking us more and if your a fast merchandiser you cant make any money. 😡I made better money 10yrs ago and I didn't care what the wage was ..I had several companies I would work for in 1 all or of those companies are gone..and have been bought out by bigger companies so now I'm forced to live off the wage..that's not why I started this 20yrs ago..I dont reccomend any newbie's to get into this industry..its not profitable any more.. some jobs I still have my freedom and those companies I hang onto!👍😁
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By Tigermouse18
I totally agree .. when I first started and it got fustrating and it seemed hopeless so I went and got a phone just for work purposes.. and keep any and all receipts for my office supplies that I use for work.. and write all of it including my work phone at the end of the year as a business expense .
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By stormraven73
A smartphone with unlimited data is a cost of business for me. Even if apps were not a necessity, the amount of work I can now get done on the road more than pays for the $50/mo cost. I have a dedicated work device and deduct the cost from my taxes as a business expense.

If you think about it, this is no different from the old days when we were expected to submit reports by fax. They didn't pay fax costs then, either.

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