The good, bad and ugly aspects of merchandising. What is it really like out there?
I have had this problem quite often. Worst example was Walmart. I was there to assemble a display in electronics and must have waited around for 30 minutes just to get a manager to find the shipment box. Then after the job was complete I was standing around another 20 minutes waiting for a manager to sign my sheet. I got fed up and made up a name and signed it myself and walked out! Is this dishonest? I guess, but I am NOT going to stand around all day for time I will NOT get paid for. I have had the same thing happen at some of the stores I regularly service. No one around but the assistant manager, who is busy working the cash register. There will be a non stop flow of customers and he will leave me standing there the whole time, like he can not take 5 seconds to sign my sheet. The way around that is I grab a candy bar and get in line and stand there like a customer to get the assistant manager to sign my sheet. Not really much he can say about that, because I have now become a customer and he can not ignore me :grinning:
At Walmart if I have to find a display in the stock room, I don't bother with a manager I just find the receiver and they will get it for me.
As for signing your job report sheet yourself with a fake name, yes it is dishonest. What if the company you are working for decides to call the store to find out how the manager would rate your job performance, and they find out you faked a signature/name then that is grounds for termination for falsifying a report.
What I do if I cannot get someone to come and sign my report in a reasonable amount of time, then I just go to customer service and get a CSM to sign off and/or in place of signature I get a store stamp. And in the comments section of call report, I note how long I waited for someone to sign off and if I didn't get it signed off why I didn't.
In 28 years of merchandising, I have never had a problem with a company not accepting a store stamp, with an explanation of why.
And if I have to wait longer then 15 minutes for something to be gotten for me, then I put that time in for the job, and also explain why I went over the time limit.
And have never had a problem getting paid for it.
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Thank you for the suggestions. I had never heard of a "store stamp" and my job instructions said to contact a manager to locate shipment. I have had instances where other employees refuse to sign because they are not a manager. Walmart is not a regular for me, only worked in them for two different jobs and I do not plan on working in one again unless the pay is really, really good.
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