What impact has this had on you? More or less work? Better or worse quality of service? Companies closed or consolidated? Was this a good or bad decision? Share your thoughts!

Merchandising companies selected: Anderson, Crossmark, Acosta, Premium and SAS Retail Services

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By Indus
I think there should have been a certification process for merchandising companies and not limited them to just 5. This prevents other companies that we all know are much better than the 5 they selected from performing work - some of those don't exist (or got rolled-up) now as a result. There is also supposed to be a limitation that you can't work in any other retailer except Walmart - we all know that is complete BS and no one is following it - unless they are going give us full-time employment.

To me this is all a sham. It allows Walmart to see how much their suppliers are paying for merchandising service so they can just siphon off that money directly. Let's face it, if Walmart was really concerned about their suppliers, merchandising companies wouldn't exist. In a twisted way, I guess we should all be thankful for that.
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By Mr Ed
I'm not sure I get the point of Volt. I do some work for one of the PSP's in Walmart and my supervisor is always challenging me on my Volt time. Sometimes I can't log in due to poor internet or I simply forget. Does anyone know the point?

My supervisor says it is to track when Vendors are in the store, but doesn't the log in/out book accomplish the same thing?
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By Socrates
I work for a direct manufacture , i have to use volt to log in and out, my volt app allows me to email myself the time i spent in the store , plus my company requires me to sign in and out on the vendor book. I'm sure they get that data sent to them.
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By ransbottom
I am not sure if people are aware, but it is my understanding that VOLT also tracks you throughout the store, logging the amount of time you spend in specific departments and I would assume that the data can also be used to determine if you are in departments that you have product in or you are just walking around the store to kill time.

I believe the purpose of Walmart limiting the number of vendors and not allowing them to call on other accounts is to increase the workload of vendors without Walmart having to pay for the work being done.
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By jimbeam
We no longer sign the vendor log since we started using VOLT. Sometimes we wasted 10 minutes waiting to sign the log.

VOLT doesn't track me through the store. After I sign in to my employers app and then into VOLT, I go into my settings and force close both apps so they are not using my phones battery.

And thank God for GPS spoofing.
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By jimbeam
I forgot to mention, we do not work for one of the 5 PSP. We just started using VOLT in August.

I heard they were going to reduce it to 3 PSP early next year.
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