| Fayetteville, AR
Business Model: Crowdsourced
CEO: Risk West
Labor Model: Contractor/1099
Work types: Audits, Mystery Shopping, Non-Invasive Merchandising
Jobs: FieldAgent Opportunities
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By Indus
Hands-down the best crowd-sourced/audit company to do work for. I typically am able to add audits on merchandising visits at the same store and multiplying my income. Trick is to constantly check for work based on your route - extra $$ that typically pays for my travel expenses! Highly suggest signing up.
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By Mr Ed
I agree. Easy to use app. I just wish the window was longer than 2 hrs. But they pay really quick when you cash out.
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By Honey
I've been using the app for a few months as a side gig to help save up for a vacation next year. So far I've had no issues with them. The instructions are clear and the variety of assignments is good. I feel like each job description should start with "your mission, should you chose to accept it".
Pay processing is quick and I love that you can cash out anytime. Some of the windows are a bit short. I have to wait til I'm in the parking lot to accept to make sure I'll have enough time.
I look forward to making more money with them. :money_mouth:
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